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IHBC's Heritage MarketPlace: Stallholder Listing

IHBC School delegates, visitors and members of the general public are encouraged to use this Stallholder listing to survey the MarketPlace and network with Stallholders.

Everyone is encouraged to use and search the list for the suppliers, advisers, clients, contractors, advocates etc. that address their own special needs. All are welcome to make contact with the Stallholders using the contacts and links provided.

School delegates seeking learning opportunities in the MarketPlace can search the list using key words, especially those linked to the CPD opportunities on offer, as described HERE.

Anyone can circulate and promote the Stallholder's virtual stall listing and operations using the 'Stall Promotional and Networking link' at the end of each listing, for example: https://marketplace.ihbc.org.uk/stallholderlisting/#ihbce.

MARKETPLACE ADVICE: This MarketPlace Stallholder Listing is regularly updated, as new Stallholders arrive and learning offers are outlined or agreed in advance of the opening of the MarketPlace. Please be sure to check back regularly as you explore the stalls, learning opportunities and networks on offer.

Last update: 7 October 2021

The IHBC-recognised, CPD-certificated and learning-led virtual Aberdeen School MarketPlace (4.30-7.30PM, 15 June) is included in all delegate options. This includes the chance to enjoy ‘Happy Hour with the IHBC’, from 5.30-6.30, with informal chat among officers and others online, as well as your own choice of refreshments.

  • MFL Affinity
    Address: Barlow House, Minshull Street, Manchester M1 3DZ

    Stallholder description: Working in partnership with IHBC, MFL Insurance Group Ltd offer a competitively priced Professional Indemnity insurance product designed to meet the specific requirements of IHBC members.

    Additional insurance products include:

    • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
    • Employers’ Liability
    • Public & Products Liability
    • Office Contents
    • Cyber Liability

    IHBC networks: None

    Contact: Joe Aspinall, Manager – MFL Underwriting
    Email: ja@mflinsurance.com

    CPD Opportunity: Professional Indemnity Insurance - a guide to assist with understanding the cover what happens in the event of a claim

    CPD References:
    Back to Basis articles:
    Professional Indemnity Insurance – An Overview
    “Claims Made” Cover
    “Notification of Claims”
    Settlement & Insurers’ Consent
    Co-operating with your Insurer
    Disputes with your Insurers
    Reservation of Rights
    Retroactive Dates

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 3
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    MFL Affinity logo
    Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman Street, London, E1 8FA

    Stallholder description: AECOM’s Buildings + Places practice includes architecture, building engineering, interiors, workplace master planning, urban design, economics, and portfolio advisory experts. Our team designs and delivers some of the world’s most complex and interesting projects from major sporting venues such as the London 2012 Olympic Park and Legacy Framework, to the new plan for the LA2028 Olympics, to industrial facilities for GE and Rolls-Royce, to headquarters and workplace for NASA, Unilever, Sony Music, DirecTV, Box, Inc. and many Fortune 500 companies. We integrate sustainable solutions into everything we do and approach every project with a high-performance design strategy.

    IHBC networks:

    Daniel Wallington, Conservation Accredited Structural Engineer
    Associate Director, Buildings + Places, London Structures
    Phone 07812-352-218
    Email: daniel.wallington@aecom.com

    CPD opportunity: Please feel free to get in touch with us.

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 3
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    AECOM logo
  • Brouns & Co
    Address: Address: Highfield, 14 Selby Road, Garforth Cliff, Leeds LS25 2AG

    Stallholder description: A UK manufacturer of natural linseed paint with a range of historically accurate colours.

    Natural linseed paint is undergoing a renaissance thanks to its sustainability, durability, natural ingredients and hypoallergenic properties.

    Whereas modern paints are made from plastics, which are tinted with synthetic pigments and then filled with drying agents, linseed paint is made in the traditional way by grinding powder pigments into boiled linseed oil to make a paste using triple-roller mills, then adding more oil until the correct consistency is reached. Brouns & Co linseed paint is made from all-natural ingredients, with no plastics or VOCs.

    Linseed oil paint protects against all weathers. Once it has been painted, wood won’t rot and iron won’t rust. It has fantastic wicking properties, enabling the evaporation of moisture, instead of trapping it under an impermeable film. In Scandinavia, which has a long tradition of using linseed paint, original coats of linseed paint have survived on houses that are several centuries old.

    IHBC networks:

    Contact: Michiel Brouns
    Tel:01423 500694
    Email: sales@linseedpaint.com

    CPD opportunity:
    Demystifying Linseed Paint This CPD discusses linseed paint, its history, why, where and when it was originally used. Why it fell out of fashion and why it is back in fashion. It will inform why it works so well and also how it can be used again on both historic and newbuild properties.

    The CPD should give you a greater understanding of:

    • How linseed paint is made and how it works technically
    • Why it is cost effective
    • Why it is environmentally friendly
    • Where to use it
    • Basic application methods and guidelines for application
    • How to write successful NBS specifications for the use of linseed paint on historic and new builds

    MarketPlace References
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:

    Brouns logo
  • Holland Heritage
    Address: Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

    Stallholder description: Heritage Consultancy

    IHBC networks:
    HESPR recognised

    Contact: Edward Holland, Director
    Tel: 07786 954027
    Email: info@hollandheritage.co.uk

    CPD Opportunity: Managing Change – the role of the Heritage Consultant – how and where a heritage consultant can contribute, the range of different reports that may be required and the kind of projects that can have heritage impact

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 1
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    Holland Heritage logo
  • Hirst Conservation Ltd
    Laughton Hall, Framhouse, Laughton, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 0HE

    Stallholder description: Conservation and restoration of Historic Buildings and fine Art to include Architectural Paint Research, decorative surfaces, stone, plaster and memorials

    IHBC networks: IHBC Full Member

    Karen Morrissey, Conservation Manager
    Tel;: 07879262126
    Email: karen@hirst-conservation.com

    CPD opportunity: A chance to discuss approaches to conservation, including decorative surfaces, stone, plaster. It will be an opportunity to learn more about architectural paint research and how it is used to inform conservation treatments. We encourage questions!

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 1
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    Hirst Conservation logo
  • Lanpro Services
    Address: Offices across the UK in Norwich, Cambridge, York, Chelmsford, Manchester, London

    Stallholder description: Lanpro are a multi-disciplinary consultancy offering independent advice across all stages of development, from inception to completion, managing sustainable change to significant places.
    Our experts in archaeology and the historic built environment take a creative, evidence-based approach to conservation, supporting clients in unlocked the potential of their sites. We work closely with stakeholders to remove risk, mitigate through design and justify change by identifying the best outcomes for people and places.

    IHBC networks: IHBC Full Member

    Contact: Rebecca Burrows, IHBC, AssocRTPI, Head of Heritage and Townscape.
    Rebecca has worked on buildings as diverse as ancient and post-war cathedrals, country house estates and industrial mills. She has a particular interest in whole-house retrofit, adaptive reuse and the concept of significance.
    Telephone: 01904 803800
    Email: Rebecca.burrows@lanproservices.co.uk or via LinkedIn
    Website: https://www.lanproservices.co.uk/

    CPD Opportunity
    Listed Buildings and Energy Efficiency Adaptions: The Need for Action
    Lanpro’s Head of Heritage & Townscape will be running an interactive workshop on listed buildings and energy efficiency adaptions to consider how we can meet our global climate change targets. This session will involve a presentation on:

    • Background to the issues including traditional housing stock, climate change policy and whole-house approach to retrofit
    • Case study examples
    • Where the potential issues lie in policy, implementation and perceptions.
    We will follow this with a roundtable discussion on weighing conservation against energy efficiency measures, as well as barriers to change and potential solutions.

    Key resources: to follow

    MarketPlace References
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:

    Lanpro logo
  • Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

    MSc Sustainable Building Conservation
    Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

    Stallholder description: We offer a one year full time, two year part time IHBC accredited Building Conservation Masters’ programme with a unique emphasis on Sustainability

    IHBC networks: N/A

    Contact: Prof Oriel Prizeman
    Telephone: 02920875967
    Email: prizemano@cardiff.ac.uk
    Website: MSc Sustainable Building Conservation - Welsh School of Architecture - Cardiff University

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 2
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    Welsh School of Architecture logo
  • The Energy Savers Ltd
    Mountain View Innovation Centre Jurby Road, Lezayre, Ramsey, Isle of Man IM7 2DZ

    Stallholder description: Quattro Seal is a permanent draught proofing system installed nationwide in hundreds of heritage buildings to increase air tightness and improve thermal performance. Quattro Seal creates a flexible rubber gasket around windows and door frames creating a bespoke seal.

    Quattro Seal is owned and installed by The Energy Savers, proudly serving the historic buildings sector since 1991. Installations include Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London, Marlborough House, Wills Memorial Building, Bodleian Library, Royal College of Physicians, The Tate Gallery, The National Maritime Museum, Fishmongers Hall, Belfast Castle and hundreds of National Trust properties

    IHBC networks: None

    Mark Huelin, Founder and Technical Director
    Tel: 07957 381068
    Email: mark.huelin@tes.im
    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5

    CPD opportunity: Preventing unnecessary air leakage in historic buildings and maintaining constancy of the internal environment is challenging. In this CPD you will learn how the Quattro Seal draught sealing system has been used in hundreds of historic sites to increase airtightness and eradicate unwanted cold air ingress to increase thermal performance and cut energy usage and carbon emissions.

    • How Quattro Seal draught sealing works
    • Applications
    • Benefits of increasing airtightness
    • Air Pressure Testing
    • Energy Savings
    • English Heritage and Quattro Seal
    • Ventilation

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 3
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    The Energy Savers logo
  • The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC)
    Address: IHBC Business Office, Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury, SP3 6HA

    Stallholder description: The IHBC is the professional body for building conservation practitioners and historic environment experts working in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with connections to the Republic of Ireland.

    IHBC networks:

    Contact: Fiona Newton, Operations Director
    Email: projects@ihbc.org.uk

    CPD Opportunity: Research and guidance from the IHBC

    CPD References: https://ihbconline.co.uk/toolbox/

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 2
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    IHBC  logo
  • The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC)
    Address: IHBC Business Office, Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury, SP3 6HA

    Stallholder description: MATE seminars offer talks and exercises to break down the application process, exploring the IHBC’s Areas of Competence and Conservation Cycle model, while also answering any queries. This ensures that applicants from any discipline or sector can get a common grounding in how the IHBC assesses interdisciplinary conservation standards in line with established international conservation standards and models, notably ICOMOS. These events are a great way for prospective applicants to find out how to understand their skills, knowledge and experience in the context of IHBC membership criteria and accreditation.

    IHBC networks: N/A

    Ramona Usher, IHBC Professional Services Officer, Professional@ihbc.org.uk

    CPD opportunity: An introduction to the free IHBC MATE suite of sessions and linked services, including the IHBC’s Selfstarter.

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 3
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    IHBC  logo
  • IHBC Conservation Places and People All-Party Parliamentary Group Secretariat, David Blackman
    Address: contact@appg.info

    Stallholder description: The IHBC, with David Blackman as Consultant, serves as the Secretariat to the Conservation Places and People All-Party Parliamentary Group (CPP APPG).

    The APPG’s ambition is: To support built and historic environment conservation as the means to deliver successful places, which are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. This includes using heritage to help places adapt to the diverse needs of current and future communities, whilst supporting enterprise, transport connectivity, health, climate change efforts and quality of life.

    The IHBC helps support that ambition through its support for the Secretariat including its consultant.

    IHBC networks: Other

    Contact: David Blackman, Consultant to the Secretariat
    Telephone: 01747 873133
    Email: contact@appg.info
    Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

    CPD Opportunity: Lessons in serving as Secretariat to an active APPG

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 3
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


  • IHBC Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group
    Stallholder description:
    The working group exists to promote diversity in the heritage sector through the IHBC and to support members in thinking about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion including advice on promoting diversity through your work, training and making adaptions to make heritage inclusive.

    IHBC networks: IHBC working group

    Contact: Alice Ullathorne
    Email: alice.ullathorne@heritagelincolnshire.org
    Website: https://newsblogsnew.ihbc.org.uk/?p=30518

    CPD Opportunity: Finding out about practice in the sector (IHBC competency 2), Legislation and regulations (IHBC competency 5) and about Design (IHBC competency 7)
    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 3
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    IHBC  logo
  • Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance
    Address: The Foundry 5 Baldwin Terrace London NR1 7RU

    Stallholder description: An alliance of heritage, environment and industry organisations aiming to deliver a sustainable traditional built environment

    IHBC networks: IHBC is a member of STBA

    Contact: John Preston IHBC, Heritage Chair of STBA
    Telephone: 07803 362513
    Email: jpreston@phonecoop.coop
    Website: https://stbauk.org

    CPD Opportunity: Workshop sessions: your chance to hear about and discuss STBA guidance, advice, research and policy initiatives including Whole House Retrofit, the Bristol solid wall guidance, the Guidance Wheel, the STBA “EPC” paper and “from Retrofit to Regeneration”.

    CPD References:
    Guidance Wheel https://responsible-retrofit.org/greenwheel/
    Bristol Solid Wall Guidance (Responsible Retrofit toolkit) 2015 https://stbauk.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Final-A-Bristolians-Guide-SME522_Bristol-wall-insulation_PRINT-AW02.pdf
    STBA Whole House Approach https://stbauk.org/whole-house-approach/
    EPCs and the Whole House Approach - A scoping study 2018 https://stbauk.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/EPCs-The-Whole-House-Approach.pdf
    Performance and Energy Efficiency Analysis of Traditional Buildings: Gap Analysis Update 2020 (for Historic England)
    From Retrofit to "Regeneration: A blueprint for post-Covid recovery” 2021 https://stbauk.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/From-Retrofit-to-Regeneration-2021-STBA.pdf
    STBA Survey Tool (in preparation 2022) https://stbauk.org/stba-survey-tool/

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 1
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance logo
  • TheUrbanGlow Design & Heritage Ltd
    Address: Cavendish House, St.Andrews Court, Leeds LS3 1JY

    Stallholder description: TheUrbanGlow pioneer the fusion of Urban Design and Heritage led placemaking. We specialise in area analysis, Conservation Area Appraisals, Local Heritage Assets and Public Realm. We pride ourselves on highly attractive, graphical communication and telling the stories of our places so as to inform change. We work both in the UK and Internationally.

    IHBC networks:
    IHBC Full Member
    HESPR Member

    Andy Graham, Director
    Tel: 07736834722
    Email: andy@urbanglowdesign.com

    CPD opportunity: Please feel free to get in touch with us.

    CPD References:

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 1
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    TheUrbanGlow logo
  • Environment Study Centre
    Address: 5 High Street Pontyprid

    Stallholder description: Leading provider energy efficiency and retrofit training

    IHBC networks:
    IHBC Approved CPD provider, Regulated by the RICS, CIOB Training Partner, CITB NCC Training Partner

    Contact: Professor John Edwards IHBC
    Telephone: 07796440934
    Email: john@environmentstudycentre.org
    Website: http://www.environmentstudycentre.org/

    CPD opportunity: Question and answer session on training and qualifications including what BSI standards require. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

    specifically using examples from high street schemes.

    CPD References:
    Obtaining a qualification in the retrofit of traditional buildings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7Alxc5HYKQ

    Retrofitting Traditional Buildings 2-day course with a qualification https://environmentstudycentre.org/courses/courses/property-facilities-management-building-surveying/energy-efficiency-measures-for-older-and-traditional-buildings/

    BSI PAS2035 applied to older buildings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STkzW9cAHoE

    Retrofitting traditional buildings for improved energy performance in the context of BSI PAS 2035 https://edwardshart.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/JBSAV_9_4_JBSAV0001_Edwards-1.pdf

    BSI PAS2038 Retrofitting Non Domestic Buildings https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/PAS_2038_and_older_buildings

    MarketPlace References
    Zone: 1
    Stall Promotional and Networking link:


    Environment Study Centre logo

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