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Delegate's guidance

School Delegates' Guide:

  • Review and interrogate IHBC Heritage MarketPlace Stallholder Listing and, as appropriate, stallholders in advance of School
  • Plan attendance at priority stalls for learning, insights and more, as required, over 2 hours of CPD
  • Attend stall sessions across up to 4X30mins sessions, including an option to ‘stroll around’ the Heritage MarketPlace
  • Build networks and secure services before, during and after the School
  • Complete feedback and call on IHBC CPD certificates for attendance.

Targeting CPD and learning at the 2021 Day School

For those prioritising
IHBC CPD or related learning and practice needs, stallholders offer up to 4 sessions that to address needs within the stalls.

To plan sessions most relevant to needs, delegates can explore our Heritage MarketPlace Stallholder Listing in a variety of ways, including:
  • Use the Zones to find broad clusters of stalls that might address needs:
    • Zone 1: Specialist practitioners:
      • Typically (but not only) IHBC-linked service providers, notably members of our HESPRlisting of quality assured services
    • Zone 2: Practice
      • Practices, services and activities with conservation skills, not specifically delivering Built & Historic Environment Conservation outcomes.
    • Zone 3: Support: Service providers, advisers and resources relevant in, but not necessarily specific to conservation.
  • Search for relevant CPD using key words (included in stallholders’ listings), including practice areas and format preferences, such as (examples only):
    • Workshop
    • Design
    • Economics
    • Advocacy
    • Social+media
    • Science
    • Research
  • Explore by geography and regions
    • Search by country/city/county/shire
      • eg. Wales, Edinburgh, Antrim, Denbighshire, Surrey
    • Search by postcode etchool Programme)

Programming CPD and learning at the Day School

Prepare for the Heritage MarketPlace: February 2021 on
The MarketPlace will play an intimate part in learning and practice development, and CPD, for 2021 Brighton School delegates. All delegates should maintain familiarity with the listing of the MarketPlace Stallholders’ Stalls and what services and learning they offer as content there will be regularly updated.

Stallholder listing is hosted by the IHBC for the 6+ months and more leading up to the IHBC's School, and for a period after. This is a primary resource for School delegates as it includes brief summary descriptions of the Stallholders' offers of CPD and learning opportunities as agreed with the IHBC.

The detailed content of the learning is offered entirely at the discretion of the Stallholder. When the Schools MarketPlace is formally open on 18 June, delegates are free to decide at any time - subject to limits on stall attendees - whether and when to attend an open stall, or if they want to move to another.

The format of the Stallholder listing has been designed by the IHBC so that delegates can most easily plan and prioritise their
CPD when the MarketPlace is open on 18 June. They should start by regularly searching the learning and practice insights and stall formats on offer.

The list of Stallholders will be updated continually in the leadup to the School, as stalls are added and learning opportunities are agreed with the IHBC.

Open access to service providers and advice: March 2021 on
The learning-led 'virtual' Heritage MarketPlace is hosted by the IHBC as a platform exclusively for delegates at the 2021 Brighton School on 18 June.

However in line with the IHBC's charitable objects, we also offer open access to the
Stallholder listing.

This means that anyone, at any time, may use the listing to explore, source, query, consult, partner or contract stallholders from across the full range of MarketPlace service providers, suppliers, advisers, advocates etc.

Promoting such networking, knowledge and awareness across users, public, practitioners, suppliers and services is an important part of how the IHBC helps improve conservation outcomes.

Preparing for the Heritage MarketPlace: Before 18 June
The Heritage MarketPlace is open to School delegates for just two hours, on 18 June (12:00 &12:30 and 14:00 &14:00), with stalls offering four 30-minute sessions that incorporate specific learning and networking opportunities. These are outlined in the 'CPD Opportunities' sections in each Stallholders' listing, with the content broadly repeated for each session, so delegates may plan around other obligations as needed, and feel free to attend any session. As time is necessarily so limited, delegates should plan well in advance how best to use the time when the Stall is open to address their own learning, practice and networking needs and priorities.

School delegates may attend up to any 4 of the 30-minute stall sessions with each session including different combinations of both the CPD learning described in the listing, as well as time to raise questions. Clearly these are very limited opportunities, and all delegates are encouraged to use the open stall, any networks established at that time, as well as the Stallholder listing itself as starting points for Stallholder engagement and wider learning in and beyond the School.

To help delegate planning and engagement with the Stalls and Stallholders, the MarketPlace is loosely divided into 3 Zones as described above and in the listing. So while many may attend full 30-minute stall sessions, some delegates might prefer take some time to ‘virtually’ stroll around the MarketPlace Zones, clicking in to different virtual stalls as suits, and scope out the diversity of knowledge, skills, services and advice on offer, even just to see what catches their eye!

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